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Long story of how we met so I’ll try to make in short.  Flo and I first met on twitter, thanks to a mutual friend of us Merveille (he’s an actor and he played Thomas in the british tv show called Skins), she asked him something and I replied to her. That’s how we first talked. She said it was love at the first sight when she saw my icon. I didn’t because at the moment I had someone in my head plus I thought she was straight since she had a boyfriend. And I had no self confident so I could never imagine a gorgeous girl like her having a crush on someone like…me. We were friends and we met in my city when she came to visit her family. I saw a few pictures of her before seeing her in real and I was like “wow, she’s stunning!” but she was still in a relationship and I thought I had no chance since she didn’t tell me she was in to girls too. She knew I liked girls but was too shy to tell me how she felt and didn’t want our friendship to end in case I didn’t want her back. So she kept everything for herself and we spend nearly a year acting like we didn’t have feelings for each other. We weren’t close at all but each time she came to Paris, we spend time together like two friends living far away. Then on July 17th (2011) I posted a few words here on tumblr asking for help and she responded. We talked from 11pm to I think 3 or 4 am. She told me she had a crush on me and I first thought she was kidding me. After a few minutes, I realised she wasn’t and since that night, I’m the most happiest girl in the world. I would  have never imagined finding the love of my life so young and I wish to everyone the same pure and simple love story. She’s perfect for me and I can’t wait for this distance to disappear. We’re 255 miles away from each other. She’s in Geneva (Switzerland) and I’m in Paris (France). We talk each night after school/work and we see each other once a month. Next month we’re celebrating our 1st year together and for the first time we will be together for more than a too short weekend. I can’t wait to see her again. I can’t wait to spend a whole summer week in her arms. I love her so much <3 She’s my everything. Feel free to follow my love or myself :)
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In a week, he’ll be on a flight back to America.In two weeks, he’ll (hopefully) be back in California with me.
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this is me at this hour. every minute and every second of the day :’(
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Our story♥
My name is kiara & his name is justin, it all started out on myspace we sent each other requests added each other talked got close really fast which was crazy. we had alot in common we talked for weeks, he lived in connecticut & i lived in new jersey i never been in a long distance relationship. so i told him i wanna be with him 11/02/09 was the date(: his friends & his family loved me cuz they knew how happy i made him even with the distance ever since then we got closer & closer he’s 17 & im 21 yeah i know he’s young but age doesn’t mean anything to us we love each other alot(: we are engaged♥ march 10, 2012 was the day we finally met face to face! he came here to spend the whole day with me which was amazing(: then may 16, 2012 i came to his town to see him i stayed with him the whole time i was there i went to his prom it was the most amazing night ever♥ leaving his side was the hardest part ever but he was there for me to make me smile telling me we will be together soon♥ he’s the best boyfriend ever(‘:
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